Debugging Myself

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Start them when they’re young …

I love programming. I’ve been doing it almost every day for the past 25+ years. I’m planning to do it for the next 25+ years, God’s willing.

A big part of programming is debugging. Annoying, but necessary.

Some of the earliest lessons I learned: You need to know what’s the ideal outcome. You’d better know also what’s going on under the hood to debug it. A mental model, if you will. Without it, you’re just fooling around, trying things out randomly until you stumbled onto something that works.

Same with life, I suppose. A lot of ‘bugs’ in me. None are fatal - as far as I know - but it prevents me from getting to my ideal & optimal self.

I’m on a quest to get to the ideal outcome. Debugging myself is part of the journey. I’d need to form a mental model of myself so that I can debug it.

I will share my finding here. It may be useful for you. It certainly is helpful to me.

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