My dotfiles story (wip)

link to my dotfiles:

I love to tinker with my environment, since I love playing with shiny tools, and hopefully to increase my productivity.

I have a growing collections of cli tools, scripts, and configurations that I have been building over the years, but they are not very organized. They are also in private repository so it is a bit hard to pull when I work on new environment.

I want to make it more organized, and make it public so I can use it across different machines. I want to make my computer setup like cattle, not pets.

This is my current dotfiles repository in github. I will try to document the process/thoughts of how I setup my dotfiles here while I’m rebuilding it from scratch.

Tools used


I used to manage my dotfiles using stow, but it is a bit hard to manage with different machines and OS. It seems that chezmoi is trying to solve this problem. I will give it a try.


I used to use zsh, but I never comfortable doing scripting in it. I want to experiment with xonsh as my shell, since it is python based, and seems to be more powerful & flexible.

The interesting things about xonsh is that it has 2 modes, python mode and shell mode. My initial confusion is to differentiate which mode it is in, and also the string manipulation between python and shell mode.

Once I got the hang of it, I really enjoy using it.

Couple notes/issues that I encountered: