mlflow experiment (wip)


  • I want to keep track of my experiments, whether LLM experiments, or other experiments as well.
  • I want to be able to compare the result of different prompts, different scenario, different models, etc.
  • I’d like to be able to do experiment with Langchain as well.


  • MLFlow for keeping track of the experiments
  • Langchain
  • some kind of inference server, probably llama.cpp server, or others
  • [MLFlow + Langchain)(

I want those tools to be simple to setup in my local, and can be inspected in the future as well, so I’ll try to make it run with docker and store the result locally & version-controlled so it can be inspected by others.

I’d need couple other tools to do it:

  • git
  • git-lfs (to store sqlite db cleanly)
  • docker & docker compose - I originally wants to run it in docker, but it turned out running it natively is easier (w.r.t. installation & file permission issue)
  • minio - to simulate S3, but store it locally - I thought I need minio to simulate s3, but it turned out mlflow can use local storage directly, and it makes everything easy


MLFlow setup