Almost ready to launch our product : zoomIt SD Card reader for iPhone !

My company zoommediaplus – – almost ready to launch our main product, zoomIt sd card reader for iPhone, iPod Touch, (and hopefully iPad). I like our product so much; it is quite useful. I’m very excited about it ! ..

With this accessory, now you can bring your music or video in your sd card, you don’t have to put it on the phone using itunes. You can share it with your friends also 🙂 …

I am working mostly on the apple iphone sides. The main app to support the accessory has been launched to the AppStore couple weeks ago. You can download it here for free : But of course you won’t see the full potential until you have the zoomIt accessory.

I am also working on other apps to further enhance & simplify the usage of our product. An app specially designed to play music, another to handle photo, and yet another one to play video. Just keep your eye open for updates.