resume-kusno_mudiarto-0c74237 (pdf version)

skills: - General: - 'Entrepreneurial minded - co-founded and launched 4 companies' - 'A good problem solver, self starter, and fast learner' - 'Computer Geek - love all things computer. Learned programming since elementary school' - 'Interested in web and mobile technology, startup company, software development methodology, algorithms, improving myself and make the world a better place' - Technical Knowledge: - 'Current: Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Google AppEngine, Backbone.js, JQuery' - 'Familiar: Django, iOS, AWS, Rails, Mobile, Embedded System, Objective-C, C++, C, Ruby, ARM / Intel Assembly Language' - Current and Previous Projects: - 'Whisperk: Social friending and funding platform' - 'Xfluential: Mint for social capital' - ' for volunteer projects' - ' Anonymous real time chat & dating service' - ' eCommerce website specialize in Nail Polish & Nail Treatments' - 'zoomIt: The first SD Card reader for iPhone & iPad'
  • Current:
    • Python
    • JavaScript / CoffeeScript
    • Google AppEngine
  • Familiar:
    • Django
    • Rails
    • JS Libraries (JQuery, Backbone, Angular)
    • Linux Administration (Ubuntu, Linode, AWS)
    • Mobile (iOS, Android, Nucleus, C, C++, Objective-C)
    • Embedded System (C, C++, ARM / Intel Assembly Language)
    • Version Controls Management (Git, Mercurial, Subversion, ClearCase, Continuus)
  • Entrepreneurial minded – co-founded and launched 4 companies
  • A good team leader, problem solver, self starter, and fast learner
  • Computer Geek – love all things computer. Learned and loved programming since elementary school
  • Interested in web and mobile technology, software development, startup company,¬†algorithms, improving myself and make the world a better place
5,000 Hands, Inc.
San Diego, CA
Co-founder, CTO
  • 5000hands empower people and organizations to create social projects, provide tools to promote, engage and manage volunteers efficiently.
  • Has been used to manage 300+ projects and 5000+ volunteers around San Diego
  • Designed and implemented 5000hands concepts and website.
  • Technology Used: Python, AppEngine, CoffeeScript, Backbone.js
NextIgnite, Inc.
San Diego, CA
Co-founder, CTO
  • Designed and implemented, Social friending and funding platform, with a team of 4. Currently in private beta.
  • Designed and implemented, Mint for social capital, with a team of 4. Currently in private beta.
  • Responsible for the software architecture and backend. Build an abstraction and queryable layers across multiple social networks.
  • Technology Used: Python, AppEngine, AWS, CoffeeScript, Backbone.js, jQuery, iOS, Android
Cloud Girlfriend, LLC
San Diego, CA
Co-founder, CTO
  • Anonymous real time chat & dating service.
  • Brainstormed initial product idea, launched it and became viral. 85k+ users signed up. 50k+ users during the first week.
  • Designed and implemented CloudGirlfriend concepts and website with a team of 4
  • Technology Used: Python, AppEngine, Backbone.js, jQuery, Realtime Chat, Comet / Channel API, Git
3Censia, Inc.
San Diego, CA
  • Designed and implemented, eCommerce website for DIY nail polish and nail treatments.
  • Designed, eCommerce website for monthly candy subscription.
  • Combined monthly traffic: 30k+ unique visitors.
  • Technology used: Drupal, Ubercart, WordPress, PHP, Nginx, Ubuntu, Linode
zoomMedia Plus, Inc.
San Diego, CA
Principal Software Engineer
  • Designed and implemented zoomIt reader and zoomIt music apps for zoomIt hardware
  • Released several apps to Apple AppStore
  • Designed and implemented comic reader app for iPhone
  • Designed and implemented prototype iPhone TV app for MediaFLO
  • Implemented ATE – Automated Test Engine for Qualcomm’s MediaFLO
  • Installed and managed company wide source code repository and bug tracking tools
  • Technology Used: iOS, Objective-C, Three20, Rails, Mercurial, Perl
Sky Mobile Media, Inc.
San Diego, CA
Senior Software Engineer
  • Managed a team of 6 to develop and maintain SKY Web Browser.
  • Designed and developed SKY Instant Messaging, an IM client that supports Wireless Village protocols.
  • Released and managed software build and deliveries to internal and multiple clients.
  • Technology Used: C++, ARM Assembly Language, Nucleus, Symbian, QT, JTAG, ClearCase, ClearQuest, Ruby
Gluon Networks, Inc.
Petaluma, CA
Software Engineer
  • Designed and developed Log Manager System, a distributed, fault tolerant and redundant logging system.
  • Developed and maintained CLX OS C++ framework with a team of 3.
  • Helped perform daily load sanity tests for multiple builds and releases.
  • Technology Used: C, C++, Intel Assembly Language, pSOS, Windows, Continuus